Hosting Taster Classes

First up, we recommend you set up the room for your Taster Class so that participants are seated in a semi-circle. NZSL is a visual language, so it’s important for everyone to be able to see each other.

When your tutor arrives, give them a brief introduction to your premises. Your tutor needs to know where facilities are and what to do in an emergency.

Tip: As native speakers of the language, Deaf people are the best people to learn NZSL from and are used to communicating with hearing people.

If you have a Deaf tutor, you can communicate in a number of ways. For example, use gestures for simple information, or use pen and paper or a whiteboard. Another option for communicating with your Deaf tutor when they arrive is by Skype calling the Video Interpreting Service. Learn more about the New Zealand Video Interpreting Service.

Following your Taster Class, your tutor will leave you some resources, including information on where you can continue learning NZSL. Later on you’ll also get an email from us asking for feedback on your Taster Class.

Enjoy your Taster Class!