Sing and Dance in NZSL

Are you ready to get creative and have some fun? Join us in our Sing and Dance in NZSL challenge! 

Pair your favourite song with New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and show off your moves. Whether you’re a seasoned signer or just starting out, this challenge is for everyone. 

If you are a Deaf person using NZSL, you know what to do… come on, give it a go! And if you are a hearing person or a Deaf person still learning NZSL, take a look at some that have been done by a professional Deaf person and see how much you can do. 

Share your videos on TikTok, Instagram, or your favourite social media platform using #NZSLSingAndDanceChallenge24.  

Let’s spread the joy of NZSL and celebrate our unique culture together! 

Get ready to groove, sign, and have a blast. Let’s make some noise – in NZSL! 

Here are some past videos to inspire you! 


With NZSL Week starting next Monday, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to celebrate our beautiful language. Get out of your comfort zone and give NZSL a go! @Deaf Aotearoa @Jon Tai-Rakena @Keira Lusby I want to dedicate this rendition to my old boss and dear friend who deepened my love for dancing and sign singing. Memories I’ll always treasure. Leanne, this is for you. #NZSL #Deaf #Flowers #MileyCyrusFlowers #signsinging #NZSLWeek23 #Giveitago #HandsUp

♬ original sound – ngawaioteawa

Tiki Taane – 2018

Sign Boy – 2016