Six60’s Pepeha in NZSL

Six60 – Pepeha

This translation of Six60’s Pepeha has been developed by a collaborative team of Māori Deaf, Māori hearing, Pākeha Deaf and Pākeha hearing – with the support of Six60.

In this song you will see all of Aotearoa’s official languages: New Zealand Sign Language, Te Reo Māori and English. One of the beautiful aspects of languages is that they are not static, they are dynamic. Concepts can be expressed in many different ways.

This is one translation of this song, there are many other versions and all are valuable.

This waiata tells a story of belonging and so does this translation in NZSL – you will see the story concepts expressed visually in NZSL. We hope this will be a bridge for many people to try to learn to sign this beautiful waiata in NZSL.