Are you a leader who loves a challenge?

Join the NZSL Leaders Challenge and demonstrate your commitment to New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).  

Whether in your workplace, community, or beyond, we invite you to participate and show your support for NZSL. Take on the challenge and have a go at learning some basic NZSL signs. By embracing NZSL, you contribute to the inclusivity and empowerment of the Deaf community.  

Ready to take the lead? Join us in championing NZSL and fostering a more inclusive Aotearoa.  

See the instructional videos below – how many signs can you master? Can you put a video together and share it to LinkedIn (along with your personal social media channels).  

Leaders, consider this a challenge? Ready to accept? 

Hi, my name is…

I work at…

My role is… / My job is…

NZSL is for everyone!

Happy NZSL Week

Hello / Goodbye

Thank you

Chief Executive / CEO





Prime Minister



New Zealand



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If you are interested in learning more NZSL in-depth: