NZSL Challenges

This year’s theme is “An Aotearoa Where Anyone Can Sign Anywhere” – so why not have some fun with NZSL in the workplace!

We have three fun activities to choose from that will help hone your NZSL skills…

Seven Minutes of Signing

Come together over morning tea with your team, grab our NZSL posters with pictures demonstrating how to sign common phrases, and spend just 7 minutes giving NZSL a go!
It will be loads of fun and a great team-building exercise.

Learn 7 Signs

Can you learn seven new signs this NZSL Week? That’s only one per day! Put our NZSL demonstration posters up around the break rooms and practice over morning tea or lunch.

Sign a Song

Give Six60’s Pepeha song a try in NZSL! This is our toughest challenge, but if you’re familiar with NZSL, this could be your next step! We have full instructions on our website underneath “NZSL Challenges”. Head to to get practicing.

Be sure to upload videos and photos of yourself doing the challenges, tag @DeafAotearoa and use the hashtags #NZSLWeek24 and #NZSLWeekChallenge.

We can’t wait to see you giving NZSL a try!