Learn NZSL, You Can Sign Too

Looking to integrate NZSL into your daily classroom routine? Dive into our series of 20 engaging videos! Led by a dynamic group of young Deaf adults, these videos teach simple NZSL for seamless integration into your daily interactions with students. 

Learning NZSL is a blast! Each 5-minute video reviews previous content and introduces new vocabulary, making learning both effective and enjoyable. 

Remember: NZSL is a unique language, so turn off your voice to focus solely on the signs. The videos include captions for accessibility to all learners. 

Sign along with the presenter and then practice in pairs!  

Start your journey by clicking “Week One

“New Zealand Sign Language Week fosters inclusion, diversity, and respect values in schools. Students learning NZSL develop key competencies and achieve learning outcomes, enhancing their language skills and relationships.” (Source: NZ Curriculum) 

For more information, visit learnNZSL.nz.