About – Learn NZSL, You Can Sign Too

Are you looking to incorporate NZSL into your daily class routine?  

Check out this series of 20 videos. This group of young Deaf adults will teach you simple NZSL that you can incorporate into your daily conversations with your students!  

Learning NZSL is fun! 

Each video is about 5mins long and guides you through a review of the previous day and introduces new vocab.  


NZSL is a language and is different from English, it’s important to turn your voice off so that you can focus on the signs and not be confused by English word order. 

The videos have captions to make sure it is accessible to learners of NZSL. 

Sign along with the presenter and then practice in pairs! Start by clicking on “Week One” below.

“New Zealand Sign Language Week provides an opportunity for schools to reflect on the inclusion principle and explore the values of diversity and respect. Students who learn New Zealand Sign Language can make use of key competencies, especially using language, symbols, and text and relating to others. They can also achieve learning outcomes described in the learning languages learning area.”  https://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-resources/National-events-and-the-NZC/New-Zealand-Sign-Language-Week

To learn more check out www.learnNZSL.nz