NZSL Awards


NZSL Champion: Amber Shaw, NZSL4U

Maori Champion: Tina Brightwell

Youth Champion: Annabel MacKay

NZSL Accessible Service Award: Stacy Silich and Grant Mitchell – John Rhind Funeral Directors

NZSL Interpreter of the Year: SLIANZ on behalf of all interpreters

NZSL in Media: Deaf Wellbeing Society

NZSL Employer: Catholic Diocese of Auckland

NZSL Teaching: Pam Croskery

NZSL in Schools: Ebbet Park School

NZSL in Arts: Tim Bray Theatre

NZSL in Government: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

NZSL in Sports: David Brown

NZSL in Health: Jo Witko

NZSL Local Champions:

  • Auckland: Rachel Rasmussen
  • Bay of Plenty: Stephanie Rorison
  • Hawkes’ Bay: Nora Kirikri
  • Wellington: Darryl Alexander
  • Canterbury: Debra Jamieson



View NZSL Awards 2020 videos here.

NZSL Accessible Service Award: Kordia

NZSL Interpreters: The COVID 6: Alan Wendt, Jenn Gilbert, Wenda Walton, Rosie Henley, Melissa Sutton, and Angela Murray

NZSL in Media: Merge NZ

NZSL Employer: Garage Project

NZSL Teaching: Jackie Davidson

NZSL in Early Childhood Education: St Kilda Kindergarten

NZSL in Arts: Monari Falepeau

NZSL in the Community: Lee Bullivant

NZSL in Government: NEMA

Youth Champion: Benazir Black

NZSL Champion: Deaf Wellbeing Society

Maori Champion: Eric Matthews

Supreme Long-standing Service Award: Royce Flynn

Supreme Long-standing Service Award: Jennifer & Ken Brain

Supreme Long-standing Service Award: Hemi Hema

Supreme Long-standing Service Award: Graham & Pat Lines



NZSL in the Media: Sara Pivac Alexander, Learn NZSL

NZSL in Health: Natasha Jumelet, Deaf Wellbeing Society

NZSL in Early Childhood Education: Joint winners, Bridget Warmouth and Casa Nova Kindergarten

NZSL in Schools: Redwood Primary School

NZSL Employer: Andy Firth, Paul Kelly Motors

NZSL Teaching: Susie Ovens

NZSL Accessible Service: Coffee Educators Ltd

Interpreter of the Year: Angela Murray

NZSL in Sports: Clive Morgan

NZSL in Arts: Laura Haughey, Equal Voices

NZSL in Government Agencies: Nick Linton, Fire and Emergency NZ

Supreme Long-standing Service Award: Lynette Pivac

Supreme Long-standing Service Award: Lesley Carmichael

Youth Champion: Katherine Hickson

Māori Champion: Jared Flitcroft

NZSL Champion: Josje Lelijveld



NZSL in Schools: St Theresa’s School, Plimmerton

NZSL Employer: CQ Hotels Wellington

NZSL in the Media: Lisa Thompson

NZSL in Health: Rachel Coppage, CDMHP

NZSL Teaching: Nirvana May

NZSL Accessible Service: CQ Hotels Wellington

NZSL Interpreter of the Year: Scott Williams

NZSL in Early Childhood Education: Yoshie Akasaka

Youth Champion: Matthew Flynn

Maori Champion: Joanne Klaver

NZSL Champion: Stephen Hooker



NZSL Teaching Award: Karla Smith

NZSL in ECE Award: Hillpark Kindergarten

NZSL in Schools Award: Te Kura Kaupapa  Māori o Ngāti Ruanui

NZSL in the Media Award: Pickled Possum Productions

Magnet Youth Award: Eric Matthew

Maori Sign Champion Award: Patrick Thompson

NZSL in Health Award: Health Promotion Agency

NZSL Employer Award: Co-Ed Educators and Coffee Shop

NZSL Accessible Service Award: Auckland Council

NZSL Interpreter of the Year Award: Lynx

NZSL Champion Award: TeachSign Project Team



NZSL Champions Award: Victoria Manning

NZSL Māori Sign Champion Award: Michael Wi

NZSL Accessible Service Award: Russell Smith, Lifestyle Choices

NZSL in Early Childhood Education Award: Doris Nicholson Kindergarten

NZSL Employer Award: Victoria University Wellington, Grant Guildford

NZSL in Health Award: Wally Potts Audiology, Kenepuru Hospital

NZSL Interpreter of the Year Award: Kelly Hodgins

NZSL in the Media Award: Attitude Pictures

NZSL in Schools Award: Sacred Heart Catholic School

NZSL Teaching Award: Carol Smith

Magnet Deaf Youth Award: Emma Paton



NZSL Champion Award: Sonia Pivac, Sign DNA

NZSL Accessible Service Award: Veolia Transport Auckland

NZSL Employer Award: An Extra Pair of Hands, Palmerston North

NZSL Interpreter of the Year Award: Angela Murray, Wellington

NZSL in the Media Award: TIKI TOUR by Flux Animation and Pickled Possum Productions

NZSL in Schools Award: Shirley First Learners, Christchurch

NZSL Teaching Award: Darryl Alexander, Wellington

Magnet Deaf Youth Award: Rachel Berry, Christchurch



NZSL Champion Award and NZSL in Teaching Award: David McKee, Wellington

NZSL Accessible Award: Masterpet, Wellington

NZSL Interpreter of the Year Award: Julie Coxhead, Auckland

NZSL Public Service Award: Hutt City Council

NZSL In Schools Award: St Johns School, Ranfurly and Tauranga Intermediate

Magnet Youth Award: Mark Berry, Wellington



NZSL Champion Award: Lee Ann Rose

Interpreter of the Year Award: Evelyn Pateman and Jeremy Borland (joint winners)

Māori Signs Champion Award: Bonnie Ormsby

NZSL In Schools Award: Titahi Bay School

NZSL Teaching Award: Kay Hunia

Public Service Award: New Zealand Fire Service

NZSL Accessible Award: Tiaho Trust



NZSL Champion Award: Bridget Ferguson

Interpreter of the Year Award: Alan Wendt

Māori Signs Champion Award: No entries received

NZSL In Schools Award: Paparoa Ranges School

NZSL Teaching Award: Lisa Shand (New Plymouth)

Public Service Award: Constable Deborah Leahy, New Zealand Police

NZSL Accessible Award: The Learning Connexion, Wellington



NZSL Champion Award: Brent Macpherson

Interpreter of the Year Award: Delys Magill

Māori Signs Champion Award: Richard Peri

NZSL In Schools Award: St Pius X School

NZSL Teaching Award: Sara Pivac Alexander

Public Service Award: Christchurch City Council

NZSL Accessible Award: Department of Conservation (Blenheim)

South Island award winners

Interpreter of the Year Award: Elisabeth Kay

NZSL In Schools Award: Garin College

NZSL Teaching Award: Carol Smith

Service awards

Special recognition of three key people who have given considerable commitment and passion to the advancement of NZSL within NZ were awarded these awards:

Long Standing Service Award – North Island: Shona McGhie

Long Standing Service Award – South Island: Patty Still

Supreme Long Standing Service Award: Rachel McKee