Name your NZSL heroes!

Nominations for the following categories are now open:

  • NZSL Champion: Recognising passion for NZSL as well as outstanding commitment to its successful protection, promotion and preservation.
  • Youth Champion: A Deaf leader aged between 14 and 24 who motivates others and is a strong advocate for NZSL.
  • Maori Champion: An individual or organisation promoting NZSL learning among te reo Māori users.
  • NZSL Accessible Service: Awarded to a service provider that provides exceptional service to those accessing the service using NZSL.
  • NZSL Employer: A business or organisation that is committed to NZSL and working with Deaf employees and individuals.
  • NZSL in Health: A healthcare provider or professional who shows commitment to NZSL users and providing access to full communication for Deaf clients.
  • Interpreter of the Year: Recognises the outstanding efforts of a registered NZSL Interpreter who goes the extra mile to show leadership, passion and professionalism.
  • NZSL in the Media: An individual or media organisation that demonstrates a commitment to promoting NZSL and Deaf awareness.
  • NZSL in Schools:  Recognises a school that shows commitment to NZSL by promoting it in the curriculum.
  • NZSL Teaching: Recognises the efforts of an educator who has made an outstanding commitment to teaching NZSL.
  • NZSL in Early Childhood: Recognises an Early Childhood Education provider that shows commitment to NZSL by promoting it in the curriculum.
  • NZSL in Arts: An artist or arts initiative that demonstrates a commitment to NZSL accessibility and promotion.
  • NZSL in Sports: Recognising an outstanding contribution to including and promoting NZSL in the sporting arena.
  • NZSL in Government Agencies: Recognising a government agency that shows commitment to NZSL-accessibility in its information and/or workplace, and commitment to including the NZSL community in its work.

Nominations close 6th April 2020

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