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25% of all sales are donated to Deaf Aotearoa.

Our theme this year is “An Aotearoa Where Anyone Can Sign Anywhere.” Join Kat and Erica as they teach you some of Aotearoa’s sign names for places throughout the motu!

Curious about more places in NZSL? Check out the NZSL Dictionary and give it a go!

We want to encourage everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand to give our beautiful language – New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) a try! You can communicate through signing anywhere, from the top of our mountains ⛰️ to underwater in our seas 🌊, from opposite ends of a noisy nightclub to through windows. Whether at home, school, or work, there’s so much to gain from learning! 🤩

Why is it important?

Because NZSL is a beautiful living and evolving language that enables the Deaf community to thrive and break down barriers. NZSL is for everyone. We are excited to promote our treasured NZSL to all Kiwis and celebrate everyday Deaf Kiwis.

So, put your hands up if you’re ready to sign with us and show your support for NZSL by purchasing our exciting new look NZSL Week t-shirt, hoodie, and more! 25% of all sales will be donated to Deaf Aotearoa. 🤟

Where is my town?

We would love to have been able to include a sign for every town/region in Aotearoa but it just isn’t possible as the design becomes too busy and complicated to read. There is also regional variation in NZSL that we just cannot display via a t-shirt or hoodie. We hope our design will hook people in and encourage more people to reach out to the local Deaf community to ask what the sign is for their area. We are also encouraging people to visit the NZSL online dictionary and learn the signs for the place names throughout Aotearoa NZ. 

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