Hands up if you’re ready to sign with us!

Together we can make NZSL thrive.

Hi! My name is Jon Tai-Rakena. I am the Deaf NZSL Week hero for 2023!

NZSL Week ambassadors Brad Watson from The Hits, Maria Foy from Happy Mum, Happy Child and I can’t wait for all New Zealanders to give signing a go from Monday 8th to Sunday 14th May 2023.  

So, whether you’re just starting out on your New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) journey, or you are a pro ready to teach it to everyone you know, or if you’re somewhere in-between, together we can help NZSL thrive! 

Why it is important to help NZSL thrive? Because NZSL is a beautiful living and evolving language. NZSL enables the Deaf community to thrive and break down barriers. NZSL is for everyone.  

We are excited to promote our treasured NZSL to all Kiwis, and we are looking forward to celebrating everyday Deaf Kiwis. 

So, put your hands up if you’re ready to sign with us! 🙌🏽